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We are a company that acts as a resource to assist fathers and mothers in the completion of legal documents necessary to obtain orders through family court. Our specialty is assisting parents, to establish timesharing/parental rights to spend time with the(ir) child(ren) and have equal say in major decisions concerning the child(ren). We also assist with filing for divorces and legal guardianship. ​We are a bonded & insured notary. We network with a Certified Process Server, Private Investigator and an organization that provides co-parenting courses.


Our experience...The Owner/CEO of Omni Consulting was once an employee for the Department of Revenue. While working for the Child Support Program she was promoted 3 times, with her final position being on the management team for 3 years. During that time she dedicated herself to learning how matters related to Family Law cases such as child support, timesharing/parental rights, temporary guardianship & divorce really work and why a lawyer is not always necessary. Needless to say, she mastered the knowledge and now utilizes it to be a resource for clients of Omni Consulting, LLC.


Our goal is to help adults co-parent. Even when the relationship with each other fails, the one between a child and their father/mother should not be affected. This company is “anti-lawyer” and appeals mostly to a population of people who want to obtain legal assistance, but either can’t afford it or lack the knowledge to do so on their own. We are a part of their process as a resource from start to finish.

Are you seeking to obtain timesharing/parental rights (file or respond), get divorced (file or respond), establish or modify child support, become a legal guardian, complete child support documents, notarize a power of attorney or any other basic notary services...if you need a creditable resource for anything related to the completion of family law related documents, AVOID LEGAL FEES, by contacting us today!

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