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We are in this together!
Helping families stay connected.


We do not employ attorneys; therefore, we are not at liberty to provide legal advice. However, we will provide the necessary information to assist you with your needs.


We are a company that specializes in legal document preparation for all forms related to family law cases. We provide knowledge-based resources to assist people to become pro se litigants (represent themselves) in court cases such as timesharing/parental rights, divorces (filing & responding), child support modifications, legal guardianship, name changes and more.

We are a dedicated team of non-lawyer professionals who offer an affordable opportunity to assist people to navigate the Florida system to obtain a satisfactory outcome by completing legal forms with factual information provided by you, our client.



  • Timesharing

  • Parenting Plans

  • Child Support

  • ​Divorce

  • ​Parental Rights

  • Child Custody

  • Legal Guardianship

  • ​Notary

  • Evictions 

  • Unlawful Detainer 

  • Birth Certificate Amendments 

  • Name Change

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